An Interview With Georgine Lamvu, The Chair of The International Pelvic Pain Society

As Director of the International Pelvic Pain Society, Dr. Georgine Lamvu works endlessly to help women with pelvic pain. Here we sit down with her to discuss what IPPS is, how they help both practitioners and patients, and what the future of pelvic pain and pelvic issues look like.

She is currently a Gynecologic Surgeon and a Pelvic Pain Specialist who maintains an active educational role as Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Central Florida and Director of the Fellowship in Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery at the Orlando VA Medical Center. Her research and publications encompass a variety of study designs including randomized clinical trials focusing on vulvodynia, chronic pelvic pain, post-operative pain and other surgical outcomes in women living with chronic pain.

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The 2019 Pelvic Health Summit is an online summit created to bring the latest information and top practitioners of pelvic health to you.

Our goals for the summit are: Educate Men and Women on the importance of Pelvic Health Provide multiple perspectives and specialists to weigh in on Pelvic Health Provide an accepting platform for people to engage, discuss, and support one another.

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