Tayyaba Ahmed, DO


Pelvic Pain Specialist

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Tayyaba Ahmed is a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation who was born and raised in New York. She completed the BS/DO program at New York Institute of Technology and was trained at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Northwell Health Plainview Hospital and the NYU Langone Medical Center/RUSK Institute for Rehabilitation.

board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician, Dr. Ahmed is also a fellow of the Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a member of the International Pelvic Pain Society.

Dr. Ahmed is a contributing author to a textbook which is considered a staple during every Physiatrist’s training.  The fourth edition has been published in November of 2018. This full chapter title reference is: Ahmed T, Chan I: “Pelvic Pain”,  which is included in, Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 4th edition by Frontera W,  Silver J, Rizzo T; Elsevier, Philadelphia, In Press., Philadelphia.

Dr. Ahmed has also recorded numerous podcasts for various demographics including The RUSK Insights on Rehabilitation Medicine with Dr. Thomas Elwood to educate physiatrists, The Women’s Pelvic Health Podcast by Hannah Matluck to educate pelvic pain sufferers and many others. (For a full list search iTunes) She has also sat on many panels including an event for She Knows Media speaking on Self-advocacy. She contributes to the advancement of this field by publishing on several topics including,  A Novel, Regenerative Treatment Approach for Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome Utilizing Alpha-2 Macroglobulin and A Novel, Non-Opioid Treatment For Endometriosis Related Symptoms Utilizing Pelvic Floor Musculature Trigger Point Injections and Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection. On her free time she advocates for her patients, and educates fellow healthcare providers on pelvic pain, most recently in Pakistan while away on vacation at a grand rounds at Indus Hospital.


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